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David Bauman

   Engineer & Economist

Areas of Expertise

Blockchain technology • Cryptocurrencies • Smart Contracts • Industry 4.0 • Supply Chain • Generative Design

areas of expertise

About David

David is an economist and engineer with over 15 years of experience as a forward-looking entrepreneur in IT and microelectronics. He earned his Master’s in Science from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and is a founder and CEO of Xelmo Ab, a company that is a value-driven solution provider with core expertise in FPGA SoC & Linux. 


Over the years, David has played a variety of roles such as an IT manager, Project Manager, HW/SW Design Engineer as well as Hardware Development Manager for several companies. He has built an IoT-sensor net for Intel and has been involved in intelligent systems for Medtech, trucks, TV equipment, the voting system in the USA, video, film production, rolling mills, paper mills, and surveillance equipment for both wind and nuclear power. 


Between 2013 and 2016, he was responsible for the hardware development within Sweden's most talked-about Blockchain technology company, KnC Group, whose processors are world-leading within Bitcoin mining and which now fills Europe's largest data warehouses. 

Besides being an entrepreneur, advisor, and strategist with a focus on future technology, David is also a national board member at Initiativet, an innovative political party that aims to achieve a vitalized and deeper democracy through factual, honest, and listening political culture. He has also co-authored the book Blockchain - Decentralized Trust, which highlights the importance as well as the impacts of blockchain technology on various sectors and aspects of life.


Speaking Topics

  • Blockchain

  • Digital Manufacturing

  • Generative Design

  • Supply Chain

Speaking topics
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