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Our interdisciplinary faculty comprises leading names from academia, the public and private sector, and the world of startups. These distinguished members share their research, insights, practical examples, and experiences to help program participants relate the knowledge to their organizations. We, at Stellar Capacity, take immense pride in their excellence and commitment to their important role in our programs.

Meet some of the faculty who deliver cutting-edge knowledge in our programs:


Amer Mohammed

Areas of expertise

Automation, Digitalization, Disruptive business models 

Brad Templeton.jpg

Brad Templeton

Areas of expertise

Network and computing systems, Self-driving vehicles

Carl Johan Sundberg.jpeg

Carl Johan Sunberg

Areas of expertise

Human genetics, Genomics, Epigenetics, AI, Learning, Informatics, Management


David Bauman

Areas of expertise

Blockchain technology, Cryptocurrencies, Smart contracts

Tobias Degsell.png

Tobias Degsell

Areas of expertise

Creativity, Collaboration, Learning organizations

Veronica.Raberg-Schrello Stellar Capacity Faculty.jpg

Veronica Råberg-Schrello

Areas of expertise

Communication, Corporate communication, Public affairs

Andre Wegner-Stellar Capacity_edited.jpg

Andre Wegner

Areas of expertise

Digital Manufacturing, Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing, Industry 4.0, Generative Design

Björn Thuresson

Björn Thuresson

Areas of expertise

Data, Data Visualization, AR, VR

Claudia Olsson.png

Claudia Olsson

Areas of expertise

Exponential technologies, Digital leadership, Learning organizations, Future of skills


Robin Teigland

Areas of expertise

Digital transformation, Circular economy, New business models, Networked leadership, Value creation, Ocean opportunities, Future of work

Peng Wu.jpeg

Peng Wu

Areas of expertise

Digital leadership, Technological acceleration, Power skills

Faculty name
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