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Peng Wu

Program Director of Research, Stellar Capacity

Areas of Expertise

Digital Leadership   •    Technological Acceleration    •    Power Skills

areas of expertise

About Peng

Peng Wu is the Program Director of Research at Stellar Capacity, focusing on the impact of technology growth and digital transformation on society, economy, and politics. Peng combines his academic background in social sustainability and technology with expertise in the field of logistics, infrastructure and global trade from his decade's experience in the maritime industry in New York as a Fleet Manager and Operations leader in one of the largest privately owned fleets by tonnage in the US. Merging his knowledge and perspectives from his background in China, the US, and in Europe, Peng leads Stellar Capacity's research programs with a focus on digital leadership in the realm of future society, emerging technologies, new work & industry models.


Through his work with organizations at the forefront of digital development such as Activision Blizzard, Scania, and The Absolut Company, among others, Peng is able to leverage his deep knowledge and experience to explain the impact of transformative technologies and systems, such as machine learning, Big Data, and the Metaverse, on business and society, and the importance of digital leadership and skills development in order to drive growth and success in times of accelerating transformation. Peng highlights and illustrates the cutting edge in the developments surrounding virtual work forms enabled by mixed reality technologies, the growth of hybrid digital/physical economies and production models, and the leadership principles that enable companies to thrive in an AI-driven world.


Speaking Topics

  • Accelerating Technology and the Future of Work

  • Exponential Technologies and Global Trends

  • Power Skills that Drive Disruptive Businesses

Speaking topics
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